Saturday, June 02, 2007


To the consternation of those who may have tried to stream or tune in at 8 PM EDT the past two Fridays, there has been a hiatus. The good news is that RADIOLA! will return to the WHCL-FM next Friday, June 8, at 8 PM EDT for a summer season of weekly two-hour programs. The (possibly) bad news is that direct streaming of WHCL may not be available owing to problems with the Shoutcast Computer. The (genuinely) good news is that each Friday's program will be uploaded to my Live365 station within a day or two of the live broadcast.

I'll keep you apprised of the Shoutcast situation. It's no more than a minor concern. If you're listening locally to 88.7 FM, it helps to have a GOOD radio and maybe an external antenna. For some reason, sets made before the mid-90s tend to get better reception of weak stations. So dig out that old relic from the attic, plug 'er in, and wait for the electrician. Happy listening!

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