Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Boy Who Cried "Shoutcast"

Dear frustrated RADIOLA! streamers/on-air listeners,

I doubly apologize for yesterday's RADIOLA! non-show. Not only was the Shoutcast stream malfunctioning (so that anyone who may have tried to stream would have heard dead air), but when I got to the studio some genius had flipped the master switch to the CD and minidisc players and so I vamped until I could download one of my old programs from the internet to play on the air. The computer audio was fine, of course. (RADIOLA! is a very resourceful radio program.)

In my two years at WHCL, I never had occasion to use the master switch--and nobody thought it important enough to tell me where it was. (As in, "If you come to the station and all the CD and minidisc players are off, this switch up here restores power to them.")

Finally, I pressed the right button and everything lit up. So, I jettisoned the old show from January 2006 and instead played selections from some "extra" CDs I brought with me. (Jimmie Noone and Fats Waller JSP box sets, Paul Whiteman, Ted Weems, The Sunshine Boys, and Al Gallodoro.) It wasn't a bad show for an impromptu effort, but I really wasn't about to truncate the playlist that it had taken me two days to transfer from 78s and put together. (I was working on the show until almost the last minute so I had no opportunity to post the playlist here.) I will play that in its entirety next Friday at 8 PM ET.

I'm not going to promise anything ever again about the WHCL Shoutcast stream unless I know it's up and running and playing actual music. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience.


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