Friday, February 16, 2007


Every so often, RADIOLA! pops up on WHCL like Brigadoon, or perhaps the recurrence of some mild skin irritation. Hypothetically, it airs Fridays from 8-10 PM US Eastern Time--but this has rarely been observed in the Hamilton College world where breaks proliferate and constant sporting events demand to be heard.

Nonetheless, a special edition of RADIOLA! will be broadcast Monday, February 19 from 8-10 PM ET. I've managed to book airtime using the ruse of pretending I'm a hockey game. Since very few people will be tuned in, I expect I can get away with playing a couple of hours of nice 1920s and 1930s jazz and pop before anyone catches on. I may stage a bout of high-sticking and put myself in the penalty box to add to the verisimilitude.

And then, there are always the fridge-fresh old programs on my Live365 station. They'll tide you over!

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