Friday, November 25, 2005

No soap, no Radiola!

The special RADIOLA! planned for this week did not come to pass. At 7 PM the building housing WHCL was locked and no one was answering the bell. Rather than hang around Clinton (which seemed to be having some sort of Black Friday Festival) Sue and I came home. Giddy holiday commerce depresses us so.

Even though there is no new show this week (though there will be next Friday, Deo Volente), I will endeavor to add new content to the Live 365 site. Just because I'm thwarted is no reason you should be.

UPDATE: Because the WHCL broadcast schedule has been disrupted of late, I updated the Live 365 RADIOLA! site on 11/25 with a large number of individual MP3 files of 78 RPM recordings from my collection.

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