Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Two bits of information pertinent to the Bastille Day RADIOLA! in honor (?) of Cheney's visit. I just discovered that the original part three of this program was edited wrong and has been playing in its erroneous form on Live365 for weeks. I've corrected the soundfile, which will be removed at after this Friday. Owing to the popularity (in certain circles) of this program, I have archived it (in its correct form) permanently at a-info radio with both 32k and 128k versions available HERE.

A new RADIOLA! will be heard this Friday at 7 PM ET on WHCL--the playlist is still a gleam in my mind's eye.


RedHotJazz said...

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tuffemme said...

I think the permanent archive is a great idea. If it's possible, I'd love to hear other shows archived, including the "Occupational Hazards" show. In fact, for those of us who are new to listening, maybe you could archive some of the older shows too!

Andy said...

I've been mulling that over. I'm trying to decide whether to upload them in 128 k high quality audio or 32 k for dial-up. (I could do both.) The good thing about A-info is that it's free. Getting all the old RADIOLAs on line may be my Fall/Winter project. And by declaring it an educational program for non-profit use (which it is) I can skate the thin ice around licensing concerns.